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The purpose of "I remember" is to showcase the memories that one may have of another Lynskey.  You don't have to be a Lynskey to submit an entry.  It is one thing to remember all the dates and names of our relatives, but it is this writers position that short stories, small paragraphs or even a couple of sentences of memories would serve our history well.  I encourage anyone who has knowledge or memories about other Lynskey's to please take the time and submit an entry.


If you would like to contribute please forward your entry to me click here to send me an email Please provide your name, the date the article was written, where you fit into the tree and any other pertinent information.  Don't be concerned about formatting, style, spelling, or what application you use to write the entry in.  I can convert any submission into a web page for viewing.



It is this authorís mission to act as a conduit for information, providing all information (within reason) for the reader to evaluate.†† From time to time, inherent in the process, facts will be challenged.It is this authorís position not to edit any information (within reason) but to show all sides of a disputed set of facts.


This is our Lynskey history, be kind in your thoughts and strive to bring forth the facts for all to know.Notes in [ ] brackets are mine.


Patrick and Mary Lynskey


    Martin Carroll and Catherine OíGrady Lynskey

    | Martin Carroll Lynskey        written by William Gaston Lynskey


        William Edward and Ocie King Wall Lynskey

            William Gaston and Lucille Martha Robinson Lynskey

             | William Gaston Lynskey     written by James Biller

             | William Gaston and Lucille Lynskey     written by Howard "Brent" Bell

             | William Gaston Lynskey     written by Charles Anthony Lynskey

              William Charles and Carole June Pratt Lynskey

                1991 - Trip to Ireland           by Donald Patrick Lynskey


            Anne Lynskey Biller and Walter Biller

             | Walter and Anne Lynskey Biller     written by James Biller


    William Emmett and Mary McDonald Lynskey

     | William Emmett Lynskey    written by Donald Lewis Lynskey 

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