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William Gaston Lynskey


Not excluding my own mother and father, my grandfather William Gaston Lynskey affected my life more than anyone else I've ever met.  He was a gentle man, kind in nature, simple in statue, a true gentleman from the days gone by.  There wasn't much he wouldn't tinker with, and if you didn't want to make a full blown project out anything - you'd best not tell him!  This dedication to a wonder man will continue to grow.



Born: March 16, 1902

Died: October 01, 1992

1983, March 13:

Shortly after Deb and I were married (Aug of 1982), we visited Gaston and Lucille at 815 Fulton Avenue, Falls Church, VA.  I remember distinctly making a note to myself reminding me to send Grandpa some drill bits as his had been worn down considerably over the years.  I had also jotted down the magazines he had been featured in as a result of his tree feeder invention.  After I sent Grandpa the drill bits, I received a handwritten letter from him.  This is the only letter that I ever received, although I received countless letters from Grandma.  Having spoken with my Dad, he doesn't recall ever having received a letter from Gaston.




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