Howard Brent Bell letter regarding Gaston and Lucille Lynskey


The following are copies of emails that led to a letter from Brent Bell regarding my grandparent’s – Gaston and Lucille Lynskey.  I had originally asked Jim Biller to send me any written recollections he had about Gaston and Lucille.  That led to the following:


From: James Biller

To: Chuck Lynskey

Subject: Gaston and Lucille Lynskey

Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 7:51 PM

Dear Chuck,

I'm sending you the web address of Howell Brent Bell.  <Removed>.  Brent is a friend of mine from grade school and high school.  He lives in Falls Church. His mother rented an apartment out in her large house back in the 30's where Gaston and Lucille lived after they were married and when they had your father. They moved from there to the Fulton St. house, which they had built.


I'm sure Brent (Lucille always called him Bunky Bell) would have a story for you for your book. He remembers your grandfolks from that time mostly. Why don't you write him email and see what he has to say?  You can say I told you to.


I talked to old Hartwell Ragsdale today.  In fact, I camcordered him for an hour playing a dulcimer he made and tried to get some stories out of him for you.  He is 96, and his memory is fading some.  He was a boyhood friend of Gaston's, lived 3 miles away, and stayed in touch all Gaston's life.  He told me today that my mother originally invited him to come over and see her visiting friend from college, Lucille Robinson, but Gaston beat him to it. I remember mom telling me something about that. I will try to make you a copy of the tape.  As you probably know, Rags and Gaston were great at trying to "one up" each other.  He isn't driving much any more, and I try to stay off the streets when he goes out, but hell, how many men do you know that have bought a new car after they were 85 years old?




From: Chuck Lynskey

To: Brent Bell

Subject: Gaston and Lucille Lynskey

Date: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 7:51 PM

Dear (Howell) Brent,


My name is Chuck (Charles Lynskey), son of William Charles Lynskey who was the son of William Gaston and Lucille Robinson Lynskey of Falls Church, Virginia,


I am writing this per Jim Biller's recommendation that I contact you in my effort to obtain short stories for my Genealogical effort on the Lynskey family.  Below is a copy of an email between Jim Biller and myself:


I have very fond memories of visiting my Grandparents as a child and throughout my adult years (I am now 41 and living in Connecticut).  I have put together the beginning of a web site for Lynskey's worldwide - some of Gaston's pictures and a writing he did about his Grandfather are posted there.  The web site is


I would be most appreciative if you could share some of your memories about Gaston and Lucille for the history books.  If you are inclined to do this, it would be most helpful for a introduction about yourself and how relationship with Gaston and Lucille came to be.  I look forward to any type of response(s) and thank you for allowing me to share my wonderful memories of Gaston and Lucille.


P.S. On a side note, my Dad called me late last night - something about the fact that Lucille wasn't feeling very well and that he was driving from Upstate N.Y. down to Virginia to see her today.  I guess Marie (his sister) was going by first thing this morning and if Grandma wasn't any better - she was going to take her to the emergency room.  I hope all is well...


Best Regards,


Chuck Lynskey



From: Howard Brent Bell

To: Charles Lynskey via SNAIL MAIL

Subject: Gaston and Lucille Lynskey

Date Postmarked: December 9, 1999 


Letter from Howard Brent Bell.