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About the Author...

My name is Charles Lynskey, descendant of Martin Carroll Lynskey from Athenry, Galway, Ireland.  I developed this web site as a gathering place for the Lynskey family worldwide.  The basic premise is to become a repository for Lynskey genealogical information and share it with everyone that has a right to it.  I keep most family trees "off-line" for privacy reasons, but I am more than willing to share the information with family members.  Thank you for stopping by.

The beginning...

I started this web page in early 1999, never anticipating the number of Lynskey's worldwide that I would eventually be communicating with.  As a general rule, most individuals that contact me, are looking for help in finding information about prior generations.  By sending me as much information as you can, you contribute to ever growing Lynskey database that has help hundreds of searchers.  So drop a line and I'll do whatever I can to help.

To contact me

You may contact me via the guest book page.  Suggestions, comments, pictures, events, links, submissions to the I Remember section, etc are all welcome.  If you would like to speak to me personally, email me via the guest book page.


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Charles Lynskey




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