Lynskey History

By: Unknown [except for lower section]

Date: Unknown

Writer: Charles Anthony Lynskey on 7/19/1999


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The following came from County Galway, Ireland to the U.S.A.

              1st Martin Carroll Lynskey

             2nd Mary Katherine

             3rd William, Sr.  [William Emmett Lynskey]


Martin Carroll's children were: William, John, Mary, Emmy Delia, Agnes, Patrick Henry (who died at 4yrs. of age) and three died in infancy.


Patrick's children were: Martin, Emmett, Molly, Susie, William, (he lived in Roanoke) and Maggie, who died young, teenager or early 20's.


Mary (Lynskey) McLaughlin's children were: Tim, Maggie, Jim (big Jim) and Willie (who was blind).


William,Sr.'s children were" William, Jr. and Christopher Homer.


William,Sr. settled in Huntsville, Ala.

Chris Homer(son of Wm. Sr.) settled in Ohio, and became a doctor.

William,Jr.'s son, Donald lives in Miami, Fla.



[The following is in my grandmother's Lucille Robinson Lynskey's handwriting - wife of Gaston William Lynskey]



Grandfather to Gaston, Anne, Martin and others [not sure what others means - possibly adopted children?]

Martin Carroll Lynskey settled in Va. 1851

    "           "           "       died      "    "   Nov. 1, 1888

    "           "           "       married Catherine O'Grady

Catherine O'Grady "     died March 14, 1917


William Edward Lynskey at age 43 yrs. married

Ocie Wall                          "    "   19 yrs. in 1901