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United Kingdom - England


This page is dedicated to the Lynskey’s that migrated from Ireland to England.   As with all efforts, it is a work in progress.


Corrections, updates, I remember stories, pictures, wav files, etc are always welcome at



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Peter Lynskey and Mary Cooly:

    From: Ballinamana, Clarinbridge, County Galway, Eire.

    By: Peter John  & Mollie Lynskey from the UK.



        Current Tree



        1906:  Michael Lynskey gravesite - Includes his wife Mary (d. 1990) & son Peter (d. 1936)

        1929:  Peter John Lynskey's mom at 9 years old.

        1938:  Peter John Lynskey's grandparents.

        1936:  Peter John Lynskey's father.

        1938:  Johnny Lynskey and Michael Barrett.

        1938:  The old homestead in Ballinamana, Clarinbridge, Co. Galway, Eire.

        1938:  The new homestead in Ballinamana, Clarinbridge, Co. Galway, Eire.

        1938:  The new homestead with old in background in Ballinamana, Clarinbridge, Co. Galway, Eire.

        1940:  June 29th - Peter and Eileen Lynskey wedding.

        1941:  September - Peter John Lynskey at a few weeks old.

        1942:  May - Peter John Lynskey and his parents.

        1951:  October - Mary, Peter John & Pauline Lynskey.

        1954:  Eileen and kids.

        1969:  Peter and Stephen Lynskey.

        1979:  Peter & Eileen Lynskey.

        1981:  Norah Lynskey gravesite - Mary Catherine Lynskey & Patrick Sullivan.

        1993:  Peter Lynskey gravesite.

        1998:  Johnny, Honoria and Bridget Lynskey gravesite.

        2000:  Peter John Lynskey (New Zealand) & Peter John Lynskey (UK)!

        2000:  Stephen and Roisin Lynskey children.

        2001:  In Memory of Eileen Hanlon Lynskey.

        2001:  Aug 23rd, Peter John Lynskey's 60th Birthday

        2001:  Aug 26th, Peter John Lynskey's family barbeque

        2003:  Dec 30.  Henry Robert Peter Lynskey, born to Michael & Nicola Lynskey and proud Grandparents - Peter and Mollie Lynskey.



Reference Material

    Sir George Justin Lynskey














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