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June 26, 1999: Visited my grandmother Lucille Lynskey (picture of my dad William C. Lynskey and his Mom) wife of the Late Gaston Lynskey - in Falls Church, VA.


         Summer, 1999:  No family reunion planned for Danville, Virginia this year.


September 22, 1999: Mike and Donna Lynskey have a new son - Connor Arthur Lynskey. Born at 5:11 P.M.  Weighed in at 8 lbs - 11 3/4 oz and his length was 22 1/2".

                                    Mike Lynskey, Jr. is his proud 6 year old brother.


October 21, 1999: William & Don Lynskey trip to Falls Church. Jerrie Lynskey visited.


     October 25, 1999: Lynskey Family get together at Mike Lynskey's "The Hinckley Bed and Breakfast".




        June 2 4, 2000:   Peter John and Carole Lynskey from New Zealand visited Peter John and Mollie Lynskey from England.Peter John Lynskey from England writes: (Peter) John, Carole, Mollie (my wife) & I had a great time together, thanks to you, our first computer date!! They stayed for 2 days instead of 1, we wished it was more. You will get on great with them, I am sure everybody does.

Peter John Lynskey from New Zealand celebrated his birthday on the 4th!

    June 22 24, 2000:  John and Carole Lynskey from New Zealand will be making a stop over visit to our home. They will be returning from a trip to Ireland. Stay tuned for pictures and updates.

           June 17, 2000:  Update re: Peter John and Carole Lynskey: Donegal, Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, Meath and now Offaly, Ireland. Highlight for John was another visit to Hollymount!

           June 20, 2000:  Update re: Peter John and Carole Lynskey: Presently in Cork. Have been down south Cork!

           June 22, 2000:  Update re: Peter John and Carole Lynskey: They made it to Connecticut!  Had a nice dinner, a few bottles of wine, some Guinness and they are now sound asleep.  We made excellent headway on Genealogy last night, to be posted soon.

           June 23, 2000:  Update re: Peter John and Carole Lynskey:

                                    8 AM:  Beautiful day here in Connecticut, should be in mid '80 degrees F, low humidity.  Plans are to take a relaxing tour of the countryside, then dinner at "The Inn at Chester" this evening.

                                    12 PM:  Dinner was fantastic, a beautiful day was had by all.

           June 24, 2000:  Update re: Peter John and Carole Lynskey: 3:30 PM:  Another Beautiful day here in Connecticut, mid '80 degrees F, low humidity.  John and I went for a grueling bike ride early this morning, gave us both rubbery legs!  Spent the morning relaxing, chatting and laughing.  Took a few photo's, had lunch at noon- time and then drove to the Limousine station.  A lot of hugs, promises to communicate, thanks for special visit - a few tears and they are on their way to JFK Airport in New York.  Bon Voyage and a safe trip home John Peter and Carole Lynskey.  Thank you for a treasured visit, truly exceptional people with wonderful children!  More soon, once all the pictures come in! 

           June 26, 2000:  Update re: Peter John and Carole Lynskey: They have made it home to NZ, safe and sound!


          Aug 17th, 2000:  Connecticut Computer Service golf outing.  

Aug 18th - 20th, 2000:  Janice Lynskey Jamrosz, and her children Nicky, Jessica and Mike came to visit for the weekend.  


 September 12, 2000:  My dad called to say that my Grandmother, Lucille Robinson Lynskey (wife of the late William Gaston Lynskey), has moved into her assisted care home after 64 years in Falls Church, VA.


            Aug 27, 2000:  I Remember ~ James Biller about his parents Walter & Anne Lynskey Biller.


            Sep 14, 2000UK - England: Database is now online - please visit the submissions of Peter John Lynskey.


            Oct 22, 2000:   NZ data updated - Check out Edward and Ann Lynskey section - thanks to Heather Sullivan!


            Oct 28, 2000:   NZ data updated - Check out Michael and Ellen Moran Lynskey - missing child - Michael James Lynskey - thanks to Megan Pledger.


            Nov 11, 2000NZ John and Carole Lynskey - Rhododendron / Garden Show - newspaper article.


            Nov 15, 2000AUSTRALIAN Lynskey's: Peter John Lynskey from the UK would like to welcome you.  Please visit his tree.



            Mar 01, 2001:  Visited my grandmother Lucille Robinson Lynskey in Virginia - 95 years old!


            Mar 03, 2001:  In memory of Eileen Hanlon Lynskey


            Aug 19, 2001:  Leaving for UK & Ireland

            Aug 24, 2001:  Returned from UK & Ireland


            Sep 11, 2001:  Tuesday.  8:48 am.  Terrorist attack on USA.

"Don't stand at my grave and weep, 
I am not there,
I am in the early morning sunrise,
I am in the soft warm winds of Fall,
I am in your everyday work place
I am at your shoulder when you search for my killers,
I am at your side when you seek compassion,
I am with you when you strive for Peace,
Don't stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there."

- Royster

Submitted by P. J. L., UK.






            Feb 11, 2002:  My grandmother Lucille Robinson Lynskey in Virginia - 96 years old!


            Feb 16, 2002:  Patrick and Julia Lynskey tree:  Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas - huge finds!


            May 01, 2002:  Mike & Donna Lynskey - 3rd child Meghan.


            Jun 02, 2002:  Mini Lynskey Reunion at Mike & Donna Lynskey's.

                                   William & Carol Lynskey, 5 children and 14 grandchildren.


            Sep 28, 2002:  Met with  John & Carole Lynskey from Taranaki, NZ in New York City.  They

                                   were on a stopover that included England and Ireland.  Also met their friend

                                   Peter Gatley from Hamilton, NZ.


            Dec 21, 2002:  Spent the day with grandmother Lucille Martha Roberson Lynskey (b. Feb 08, 1906). 

                                   She is in great health and spirits.







           July 30, 2004:  In response to inquiries, I am still keeping this web site active.  New addition to my tree in 2003

                                  has taken all my spare time :).  Keep the guest book entries coming and I'm always available to

                                  assist with research.  Thank you to everyone who continues to contribute, especially with old

                                  pictures, books and other Lynskey material.


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